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Live casino roulette

Important information

The good news for roulette players is that the vast majority of live roulette games, and all showcased on this site are single zero games.  European and French roulette are offered at the below casinos, and none of these games have the (00) pocket that increases the house edge significantly.

At bet365:

Big choice here.  You've got European roulette vide streamed from Playtech's Latvian dealer studio with plenty of tables and dealers to choose from at any hour.  Then there's European & French roulette from Playtech's Asian dealer studio.  Again, plenty of tables, dealers and wide limits.

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At Unibet:

French and European roulette, both offered on standard tables and gold (high limit) tables.  Games (and dealers) look amazing and the limits are very, very wide.  $5 per bet up to a $200,000 table limit on the gold tables.  Great live roulette option.

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At Smart Live

Live dealer roulette or auto wheel roulette.  Live roulette at Smart Live is purpose built for TV play - SKY, Freeview, Melita, Giralda and a growing list of networks are broadcasting this game into UK/European households.  See your name on TV on the live scrolling winners list.

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For general info on the game of roulette...

It's hard to go past the Wiki page on roulette.  Rules, variations, history and interesting facts.  To visit click here.

For a full list of live roulette options... takes a pretty comprehensive look at most live roulette options out there.

For house edge and strategy considerations...

The Wizard of Odds is the net's definitive resource for expertly calculated house edge and game strategy guidance for most casino game variations.