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Live casino baccarat

Important information

Baccarat is one of the highest returning casino games...but only when you select the best bets.  Betting 'Banker' will result in a house edge of around 1% even after the 5% vigorish is deducted.  The 'Player' bet has a 1.2% house edge while the Tie bet has a house edge close to 15%.  The clear message here is avoid tie bets.

Conventional wisdom also says that side bets, despite offering attractive looking payouts, are generally bad options. Pairs, Dragon Bonus, In-running and other side bets should be avoided if you are looking to maximize returns.

At bet365:

Standard, mini, progressive, In-running or VIP for the high rollers out there.  Take your pick, these guys have it.  You also get to choose from Euro or Asian dealers.  Limit ranges are broad and stats are presented with Big Road and Bead Road indicators.

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At Party Casino:

Nice looking game powered by Evolution Gaming giving you the option to just play the standard bets or take lucky pairs side-bets.  Like all Evolution Gaming games, this one can be played in Virtual or Action mode and video and audio quality is very impressive indeed.

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At Smart Live:

Dealing from the plush surrounds of Smart Live's Regent St London studio's a presenter that you may well recognize expertly deals this game.  It's built for TV broadcast so is only live during scheduled broadcast hours...check the casino schedule for availability in your country.

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At Canbet:

This game is powered by Microgaming and it's really pretty impressive.  Choose from standard (multi-player) baccarat or Dragon Bonus baccarat.  Both are presented on a great playing interface that is hard to fault although there is no dealer chat on this game.

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Also worth a visit

For general info on the game of baccarat...

From rules to history to odds and tracing indicators.  Wiki's baccarat page is a nice  general info start point. To visit click here.

For a full list of live baccarat options...

...including all available live baccarat variations, playing tips, game reviews and advice try this  live baccarat site.