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real cards dealt from a real shoe by a real dealer
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Live casino blackjack

Important information

Blackjack advantage players take note...counting cards effectively playing live blackjack is a tall order.  At most casinos (certainly all showcased on this site) the deal is from an 8 deck shoe with a re-shuffle approximately half way into the shoe.  The cut card is inserted by the dealer obviously (bit hard for players to do it remotely!) and they seem to be under pretty strict instructions not to place it in the back half of the shoe and do counters any favours.

At bet365:

Multiplayer (7 seat tables) with dealers from their Euro dealer studio or Asian dealer studio...pick your flavour.  Both games pay 3:2 for blackjack, let you double down after splitting and dealer sits on soft 17.  The Euro game games have dealer audio chat and nice full screen play option.

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At Party Casino:

Great look and feel live blackjack game whether played in 'Action' or 'Virtual' modes. Dealer audio is loud and clear for chat.  Blackjack pays 3:2, dealer sits on soft 17, you can double after splits and again, it's an 8 deck shoe.

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At Smart Live

This is a 'one to many' blackjack deal (one hand dealt to many players).  Not for the purists but you do still play your and exclusively thanks to the way in which the cards are dealt.  It's a 6 deck shoe, dealer stands on soft 17 and you cannot double down after spitting.

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